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Q: You know how the Highlight image comes up when we click an icon, but after we release the mouse, the image still stays there, i need the highlighted image to come back to my logo, when no one has a mouse on it! Just the way you have it! You release the mouse from image and it comes back to normal. I hate it when the highlighted image stays there ...
A: Open contents.htm (or index.htm if you work without frames) file with an editor (ex: notepad) - Contents.htm / index.htm can be found in the same folder with your image files after you pressed the write code from JSMOC.
Find all the functions msoutX(num) inside this text (the first one is function msout1(num) { You must have equal functions like this one, as your menu selections.). This function occurs when the user's mouse pointer is NOT over one of your menu selections.
Add One line above the } symbol - after the window.status = windowstatus[x] the following line: document.iconpictIMG.src = "YOUR_IMAGE_FILENAME" example: document.iconpictIMG.src = "imagewhennotoverbutton.gif" Tip: It looks better if this image has the same size as the other highlited images.
Code Example:
function msout1(num) {
if ( browser) {
document.menuitemIMG1.src = imgoff[num].src
window.status = windowstatus[4]
document.iconpictIMG.src = "dimsiscreations.gif"

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