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Move your mouse over the JSMOC screenshot and click where you need help.

Normal Button
You must apply the image displaying when the mouse pointer is not over the button, and displaying when the user opens the page for the first time.
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Mouse Over
Choose the image to display, when the mouse pointer is over the button.
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On Click
When the user clicks on the button, the image of the button must change to the one selected here.
If you don't want an On Click effect then press the button (on the right of the appropiate field) to disable the action.
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Highlight Image
If you want a second image to be highlighted (and change when another button has the focus - mouse over) then choose the image here.
If you don't want a Highlight effect then press the button (on the right of the appropiate field) to disable the action.
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Link To
You have to select an HTML page that opens when the users click on the button.
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You must decide how many frames you want. (None, 2 -3 or 4 frames) default is None frames. The program creates 1 to 5 html files (depending on this selections). For example if you choose 2 frames and then you press the write code button, the program will create 3 HTML files, named index.htm (this is the one you must open from your browser) one named contents.htm (containing the javascript code for the buttons, link etc) and a 3rd file named main.htm (this is the file that will be opened when the user clicks on a button). These files will be created at the same directory of your images. If you select 3 frames you have the same files, plus one named banner.htm (if you'd like to have a banner page above the other pages). If you select 4 frames you have all the files (index, banner, contents, main) plus one named bottom.htm (if you'd like to have some bottom infos) The good news are that you can refresh the main, the banner as well as the bottom files when the user clicks on a button, but you must edit the contents.htm file and follow the instruction at the banner section.
When you don't want frames, select , the program creates only one index.htm file.
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BG Image
If you'd like a background image, you must choose it here.
Notice: You must have the background image at the same directory with the other images.
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BG Color
This is the background colour selection of the main HTML file - the one with the buttons. (To do that, click on colors button).To make it work you must not select a background image.
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This is the field where you see the HEX color value. If you know the value of the color, just type it in the field.
Choose color using Web safe pallete or not (default = safe pallete)
Copy the HEX value of the color to clipboard.
Show windows color dialog to choose.
Color picker mode. Move your mouse and pick the color under the cursor.
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Status Bar Text
If you like to display some additional information for every button, then you can write it here, at the status bar text. If you do that when the user is over one button, the status bar of the browser must display the messages you've entered.
If you don't want a Status Bar Message then press the button (on the right of the appropiate field) to disable the action.
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This is the width of the image file for the buttons. Notice: The first time you choose an image for a button, the image and height values are locked, if you'd like to change them again, press the lock button to unlock them)
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This is the height of the image file for the buttons. Tip: The best way to make mouse over buttons, is when the images of normal button, on click button and mouse over button have the same size, that's why we're locking these values)
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This button locks and unlocks the height and width values.
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Button's Position
Check it if you want your buttons vertical, uncheck for horizontal. (default is vertical)
Image Preview
This is the Image Preview of every image you select for a button or the highlited image/picture. It has a fixed width and height value, so, if your image is bigger than this one, you will not see it full size. (but it will be correctly displayed when you view the index.htm file)
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This list contains all the button's you have added. TIP: If you double click on a button's name on the list, you can rename it.
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Up Arrow
Move the selected button one place up on the list.

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Add Button
When you have made your selections for the first button, press the new button to continue with the next one.
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Edit button's name
By default all the buttons are named "New Button" if you like you can rename them by clicking this button.
You can always double click the button from the list to rename it.
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Delete Button
Click this if you want to delete one button from the list.

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Down Arrow
Move the selected button one place down on the list.

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Write Code
When you finish with the buttons and the other selections you have to press the write code button to create the HTML files you need. To check the result, enter the directory where your images are, and double click on the index.htm file. CAUTION: When you press the write code button, if there are any HTML files named: index.htm, contents.htm, main.htm, banner.htm and bottom.htm in the directory with your images, those files will be OVERWRITTEN, so use this with caution. (the program prompts the user if index.htm found)
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Live Help
This label displays help for the object your mouse is over.
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The one you are looking at, right now.

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Save Scheme
If you'd like to save all the options for your buttons (button stages, color, background image, button's names, width-height etc) click this, choose a folder and a name for the scheme (default extension is jsm, you don't need to type this)
The best way to use this option is to save your work with a name like your site, example: code_gr.jsm (remember don't use \ / : * ? " < > | this characters).
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Load Scheme
Click here and select the folder and the JSMOC scheme file
to load. If you need to make any changes to your site, for example, add a new button, you don't have to restart the project from the scratch. Just load it's scheme file, make the changes and click the Create HTML button.
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Test it on your browser
When you click this button, the program launches your default browser and tests your work.

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Visit site
If you'd like more information about JSMOC, click this button to visit the official JSMOC site.

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TIP:You can use the browse buttons or just double click the field you want to use.
I Publish this software as a freeware, so there is no responsibility or warrancy. Use the program at your own risk. If you 've found any bugs or if you have any comments please email:
Please don't publish or sell this program without permission.

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